Surf to City.....or vice versa....

Now, please don't be mislead by the title
of this post and think I am doing some kind of beach to city run/triathlon/nonsense.

That will never happen.

No, this post is about our move from the sea back to the city.

The Dream House - a beautiful old Queenslander that we spent years renovating and restoring.

And how incredibly pleased I am that we did.

I read this beautiful post by BabyMac  and was struck by how much I agreed with.

We moved from the country, a quick detour to the beachy suburbs before
finally moving back to Melbourne. 

Dream House Verandah 

Where we rediscovered in the city 
many of the joys that usually come from a move from city to country. 

The joy in seeing, smelling and feeling and most importantly, WEARING 
 four different seasons.

The sense of community and involvement that we've discovered.

The rediscovered delight in food. At home and out. 

Being more creative. 

Being more independent. While at the same time, enjoying more time together.

And of course, the coffee ! 

For us, the tree change and sea change didn't work. Well it worked for a while.

Our contentment lies in the city. 

Where the clang of trams, noisy neighbours, sirens and conversations
replaced our previous soundtrack of waves, kookaburras and......boredom ! 


*** Alternate post title was "Moving FROM the country. Gonna drink me a lot of craft beer......"