"Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name...."

Oh, look at that, day 2 of Blogtoberfest and I already missed a day !! 

Oh well....onwards and upwards.

One of the things that continues to amaze me about moving back to Melbourne 
is how greater the sense of community is. 
Yes, we moved from a small seaside town to a big city and found the community we were missing.

It might be finding people with similar interests or it might be that we went looking for more of a community.
I'm not sure, but I do know that I like it a lot.

Part of that community feel is finding a great local.

You know, the bar where 'everybody knows your name' just like in Cheers

Well, they may not know our names, but the lovely folk at The Alehouse Project, definitely know our faces,
and our dog ! 

It's no secret that we, well mostly G have become obsessed passionate about craft beer.

The Alehouse Project feeds this passion nicely. 

An unassuming hole in the wall on Lygon street, Brunswick East, this watering hole offers some of the very best craft beer on offer.

Eight taps that are constantly rotated ensures there is something for everyone's taste.
AND, bar staff that know their stuff ! 

A substantial bottle beer list keeps the fridges full, but with eight taps......

I believe they also serve wine and cocktails.....but I can neither confirm or deny this. 

The space is divided nicely between comfy couches, high bar stools and tables, retro lounges out back and a fantastic, dog friendly, beer garden out back.

The food compliments all the beer very nicely. 

Think burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, great chilli fries and some more refined dishes. 

The downside ???

Even though the Number 8 tram stops right at the front door, for us,
 it's a bit difficult to get to on public transport.

Which means that one of us, me, needs to drive home. 

Obviously for the purposes of research only (!) we've been to the Project mid week, busy Saturdays with the footy on, lazy Sunday afternoons and even New Years Eve.

The atmosphere, service, food and beer is always good. 

98-100 Lygon Street, East Brunswick 

Do you have a favourite local ?
A favourite craft beer?
Beer, cider or wine ?

Happy Wednesday,
Dee x

Please note, this is clearly NOT a sponsored post - we pay for all our somewhat expensive craftbeers,
I just really like this spot and want to see it succeed.
However, if anyone wants to buy a beer, I could probably be persuaded !