My house, my home, my castle.

So. The powers that be have decided that we won't be living here anymore.

It's annoying.
It means a lot of work.
However, it is also exciting.
It's a challenge that presents LOTS of options.
Which means there are many decisions to be made.
Houses to be viewed.
Boxes to be packed.

And a new home awaits.
I'm going to put it out there.......

In our new home.....I'd like.....

a dishwasher
an indoor laundry
an oven that works properly
a heating/cooling system that heat/cools the whole house

a space/room to sew/make in
walls to display our treasures on

a similar, if not the same, neghbourhood that we have here
walking distance to tram and train
still be able to take Trixie - the Big Red Tricycle - to work
a cute coffee shop near by
a place where I can grow herbs and maybe a few veggies
post office ladies that require winning over

mostly, I want a place where we can be.
Be together.
Continue to grow, explore and make new memories.

It's going to be stressful and has the potential to be expensive....
but a new home and new memories await.

Dee x

*Can someone PLEASE remind me of this positive outlook when I in the middle of sorting, packing, looking and unpacking again.....PLEASE 


  1. fingers crossed for you!!....gawd moving bites....but hey silver linings and all that! home new memories here you come!!! x

  2. They're lovely things to hope fir in a home! Good luck!


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