"I’m looking for treasure, yesiree! Want to come along with me......"

I didn't set out looking for treasure.....

The drive from my house to my parent's got a little long...

I needed a coffee.....

Instead my car magically found it's way here : 

Oh. My. Vintage. Goodness. 

This very large shed is full to the very brim of vintage, second hand delights.

Everything from antiques, 70's retro, and 90's mixed tapes with everything in between.

Similar to other big indoor vintage 'markets', the space is divided into small stalls.

Everything is priced and paid for through one central desk. 

I was in vintage loving heaven ! 

Crockery, fabric, sewing supplies, artwork, suitcases, books, boxes......
if ever it was EVER loved, wanted, useful or desired....
it was here.

Patiently waiting for someone to love it again.

Unlike others that I've been to, the majority of the prices were incredibly reasonable. 

There were some bargains to be found ! 

I thought I showed great restraint.....I COULD have spent a small fortune.

Instead, coming home with just a sweet sewing basket, some vintage sheets, Made IN AUSTRALIA
and one teatowel to add to the collection. 

I will be back.....especially if we move. 

Wouldn't these lockers be perfect in a sewing room or kitchen or bathroom ?

My 10 minute coffee break became a two hour adventure...

Worth every minute ! 

Have you found any second hand, vintage, antiques finds lately ?

Can someone please explain what is going on with Melbourne's weather ?

Happy Tuesday,