Handmade by me....slowly but surely

I am literally hooked.

Crochet is my new obsession.

I am completely addicted. 

It's fun and challenging learning a new craft. 

Craft night at the pub become "teach Dee crochet" night.

YouTube, Pip and  Mum have been my go-to experts

It's fair to say that many hours have been spent sitting on the couch stitching.

And unraveling. 

Which lead to some not-so-nice exclamations.

Alongside the crochet.....is tea. 

I am not a tea drinker, however, lately I've been drinking tea while I crochet ! 

So, I'm logging off now so I can get one more square done before bed.

Have you learnt a new craft lately ?

Are you a 'hooker' ?

Are you coming along to Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market Friday night ??

Have a great weekend,



  1. Ah yes, you are well and truly hooked! Just one more square before bed....that's where it all starts!
    Welcome to the club x


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