I'm making a list and checking it twice.

I do love a good list.
A list makes me feel more in control. And then of course, there is the exquisite pleasure of ticking things off the list once they are completed.

This is a different kind of list. A taking stock list. A "where are we at ?" list. Created by the very clever Pip.
I like it.

Making :  Pineapple placemats and softies. Am loving  preparing stock for markets.
Cooking : Roast lamb last night, which means Shephards Pie tonight. Delicious.
Drinking : Fancy French white wine that G bought home from the office. Also delicious.
Reading: Blogs and Leslea Newman short stories.
Wanting: A holiday. 
Looking: Instagram. Always looking at Instagram.
Playing: With vintage sewing treasures found at Ruby's house. 
Fixing: My craft room. Decluttering, tidying and prettying. 
Deciding: On what I'm making my family for Christmas presents. 
Wishing: That Geelong had won the game on Friday night.
Enjoying: Time spent with G. 
Waiting: For photos to download.
Liking: That I have two markets to coordinate in the next few weeks.
Wondering: If my latest proposal will be accepted. 
Loving: This Spring weather. And Spring flowers.
Pondering: Which fabrics to use next.
Considering: Designing a blog logo and new header.
Watching: SCANDAL. Loving this new found show. 
Hoping: For some pain relief.
Marvelling: At litte Ruby
Needing: To get some more practice on Trixie my bright red Tricycle. 
Smelling: My coffee that sits beside me 
Wearing: My birthday purple Hunter Wellington boots. I love them. 
Following: More people on twitter. I think I finally get in. 
Noticing: That when I don't bring chocolate into the house, I actually don't miss it. 
Knowing: That this is a very god thing.
Thinking: About my friend. I hope she's ok. 
Feeling: Sad for another friend. 
Admiring: The strength of women.
Buying: Opshop goodness.
Getting: Excited about planning for Christmas.
Bookmarking: Recipes. Healthy recipes.
Opening: Bills. Always bills.
Giggling: With G. Sometimes inappropriately. We can always giggle together.
Feeling: Happy. 

Like, I said. I like a good list. 
Are you a list writer ??
How are you feeling today ??

Dee x


  1. im impressed!!...I like to think im a "in my head" list writer....but if the amount of things I forget is anything to go by....im failing miserably! How am I feeling?...tired..oh so tired. way too many pre dawn wakeups of late. its only sleep right?! x


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