Finding op shop gold

Look. It wasn't my finest hour.

I'll admit it.

I had just dropped G off to the airport as she jetted off to WA.

Yes, for work.

However, also for fancy hotel sleepins in crisp white sheets, fluffy towels, buffet breakfasts
AND so much craft beer. 

I was a tad jealous. And cranky.

Rather than mope, I headed to Savers. 

I wanted some retro, fruit themed items for some photos I wanted to take......

and I found them ! 

So much goodness ! 

Johnson plates, vintage tupperware and retrotastic glasses and jars.

Even the suitcases were bought that day.

Then the goodies were put to good use....

Pineapple Placemats ! 

Upcycling vintage teatowels and fabric from my stash,
I've created pineapple shaped placemats.

Sure to brighten a summer table or picnic right ??

They work very well with lemon cake and gin and tonics ! 

And my weekend went from drab to fab,
because I embraced having a weekend to myself.

And found some op shop gold.

Hope you've had some op shop gold moments lately.
Or sleepins in fancy hotels. 

Dee x


  1. All of those beauties you found in Savers! Love it all! Savers rocks, our local Savers is closing this week - sad face :(

  2. What an op shop haul! You found some awesome stuff. Pineapples are so hot right now - you won't be able to make enough of those!


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