Around the grounds......the birthday edition

Dear blog,
How is it September already ???

How ???

I can legitimately start thinking about Christmas....
Right ??

September brings longer days, sunshine, flowers and 
my birthday ! 

I had a great birthday this year.

Low key.

Ruby and her lovely Mum were here for a visit.

Food, wine, friends, baby cuddles
and a tricycle ! 

We had a picnic in the park and I even rode my tricycle !

Dinner out with my three favourite ladies.

It was a perfect day.

It got me thinking, as birthdays are supposed to I suppose.

I'm really quite happy with where I am, where we are just now.

I'm the healthiest I've been in years
and the happiest.

I'd say that's worth celebrating.

Hope you are enjoying September and Spring.

Been down a slide lately ?
Riden a tricycle ?
Thinking about Christmas ?

Dee x


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