Dear Ruby.....

Dear Ruby.....

I'm here ! 

Visiting you and your mum-mum and dada (these are your words now).

You are power walking now. And Little Miss Independent. You don't need our steading hands any more to get where you want to go. Although occasionally your walk still has a little "drunken sailor" swagger to it.....

You are feisty. And funny. Full of character and new words and expressions. 

You LOVE cars. And trucks, trains, planes and motorcycles. Anything that moves with a lot of noise. 

I think this is pretty cool. 

We spent today browsing at the market, you were not such a fan. Then a walk along beach - better in your books.

You start swimming lessons this week. 

You are adorable. 

I love you Ruby, 

Dee Dee xxxx 


  1. Little milestones, all so precious. It is cool that she like cars and trucks and all those noisy things, I hope olive does too, I loved the trance my boys would go into as they'd line up all their cars in obscure places and just move each one back and forward in its place. Of course they'd roar and drive them crazy too, but there was something calming and therapeutic about the lining up..enjoy your visit x


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