Stills : The 21st Circus Party Edition

So, I've lost my voice and I'm exhausted,
but it was worth is ! 

It's not every week your Goddaughter and cousin turns 21 ! 

 The Circus came to town with a BIG Circus themed party. 

Big kids and small kids LOVED the lolly table ! 
Maybe, just maybe it helped soak up some alcohol......

Thanks to Pinterest,  I had loads of fun creating cupcakes with a circus theme. 
Fairy Floss,  Popcorn and Clowns. 
Although If I never see a mini marshmallow again I'll be happy ! 

 We've  been collecting jars for months for the punch station ! 

There was cake, speeches, dancing and laughs. 

Beautiful birthday girl.
Happy Birthday sweet Shae.
I'm so proud of you,



  1. Lost your voice! Must have been some party. Kellie xx


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