Hello blog, are you there ? It's me, Dee

Dear neglected blog,
I'm sorry it's been a while ! 

I haven't made the time to come hang out in your comfy spaces.

It's not to say I haven't been busy in cyberspace.....
and over here
and dear blog, I've even cheated you on here. 

I know ! And I said I never would.....

I am however back. 
With some increased vigour and enthusiasm.

I contemplated letting you go, but then I'd miss you.
And I still love reading blogs, and we all know that I'm not very good at just consuming.
I spent too long doing that. 
Now that I have my voice and things to say, I need to take part, be involved. 

So, what have you missed ?
Well, quite a bit actually.

Here are some things that I currently don't like : 

1. Australian Politics and this election.
I'm disgusted by the way Julia Gillard was treated. By the media, opposition and her colleagues.
However, I do not feel Tony Abbott represents my best interests or those of the country. 
I have a lot more to say about this election and the state of politics but these 
well written  posts by Pip, Emma, and Michelle do the subject more justice than I can this morning. 

2. A broken car.
It's expensive and inconvenient.

And because you should never leave on a negative,
here are some things that I currently like.

1. Celebrating birthdays with good food, good wine and good company.

2. Winter. I know it's hard to believe that I said that.
These winter days that are crisp and sunny are glorious. 

All the stress and hard work was worth it ! 

3. Baking
Between the birthdays and needing to get off the computer,
I have been baking up a storm.

So there you have it dear blog.

I'll be back soon, 
I promise. 

Dee x


  1. Great Dee. I'm glad you're still blogging.


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