and for my next trick.........Northern Regards Artisan Market

There are several things I am very passionate about. 

Handmade and Local are two of those things................

I love my role as volunteer at Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market ,

so the next step was to start a new market.

Kate Campbell  and I are excited (and stressed and nervous) to bring

The market will be held at Northcote Social Club on High Street Northcote. 

"Now, we know what you are thinking….not another market in Melbourne?
And yes, we are proposing another market in Melbourne. However we believe that Northern Regards Artisan Market can fill a gap in the current Melbourne market scene
Northern Regards Artisan Market is focused on attracting artisans that have a strong sustainable, upcycled and recycled feel to their work."

We've got amazing stall holders lined up
and a pub with beer ! 

For me, it's the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

I'm excited !

Would love to see you there, 

Dee x


  1. Sounds terrific Dee, I hope it's a wonderful success! I wish these markets were happening when I lived in Preston, I'd have been at every one of them with bells on!


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