One day, when I grow up....

I'm quite sure that when I was younger my play time was equally divided between having tea parties for my Barbies and bears,

Yes, me in high tea party mode.
Please note plates, jug and table cloth that I now  search op shops for on a weekly basis !

Teaching my long suffering  brother his ABCs

and having a shop. 

In my shop I would then sell my overfed Barbies and bears,
to,  no doubt my now genius (thanks to my teaching, obviously) brother.

Well, as a (somewhat) grown up I have definitely waitressed, served in shops and completed some teaching,

but this weekend, finally, it was my very own shop.

Well, mine with a few friends.

We had a Pop Up Shop in Marysville

It was SO much fun.
So lovely to be able to set up shop for a few days. 
To share the space and running of the shop

It was great to be able to able to breathe life into an empty shop in Marysville for the weekend.

It was especially great to celebrate with wine afterwards.

And we definitely plan on POPping UP again soon. 

In a different location......

Until then, while I recover,
 it'll be tea parties at home ! 



  1. how exciting!....and how lucky that you will get to do it all over again...looks like my kind of shop. x


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