Funny, funny April in Melbourne

Forgive me Blogger....
It has been over two weeks since my last post ! 

Ohhhhh, April in Melbourne ! 

You truly are one of all time favourite months in my all time favourite city.

Footy is back and the Cats are winning. 
(Yes, I'm a complicated woman, don't judge me and my passions !)

The weather is cooling, which means boots and dress weather,
but it's not too cold, so outdoor beers are still on the agenda.

There are craft markets with amazing talent to see and buy. 

And, possibly most importantly, it's Melbourne International  Comedy Festival Time !

Tram car bar at the fabulous Spiegeltent , Arts Centre Melbourne.

We are big fans of the Comedy Festival, and treat it as a marathon of laughs.

So far we've seen
 Ruy Wax,
the very clever, witty and hilarious Hannah Gadsby at the NGV,
and the deliciously funny, DeAnne Smith.

And there are more to come !

Of course, seeing the shows usually means a cheap dinner of dumplings and then drinks.

The city is a buzz of activity and laughter.

And I love that so many of the performers can be found
 propping up the Town Hall  bar, just like us
or catching the 86 tram into thier shows, just like us,
or drinking and chatting in the tram car bar, just like us,
or seeing Hannah Gadsby at the NGV, just like us.

It's a very good time to be in Melbourne.


  1. Isn't it such a great time of year. Here we have drinks by the outside fire, new veggies to be grown, and yes, the cars winning!


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