Dear Ruby....part nine

Dear sweet Ruby, 

You are almost one ! A whole year old ! 

Can you believe it ? We can't......this year has gone so fast. 

And you are growing.
And learning.

Four teeth.
Pulling yourself up onto EVERYTHING.
Desperate to get walking.

Slow down little girl.

Yes, that's Aunty Dee, Part-Time-Aunty George and RUBY ! 
At a winery, obviously. 

And oh my are so very cheeky !

You love music, especially your big sister's guitar and singing.
The louder the toy, the better it is.

You love your dog that you stole  you were given from your cousin Chloe.

You love waving to the cockatoos and kookaburras with you Dad in the afternoon. 

You're already a 'foodie'.
NO baby mush for you, your food must have flavour. And spice ! 

Hiya sweet baby girl.
We're coming to Sydney to celebrate you birthday. 
With pink balloons and cupcakes and presents. 

Our little trip with your Mummy didn't quite work out, but don't panic....there'll be more.
You're coming to Melbourne next month......

See you soon baby girl,
i love you loads, Dee xxx