'Round these parts.........

So, it's March.

How did THAT happen ?

And in Melbourne town it is HOT! 

Here's what we've been up to......
(well the photo worthy bits anyway)

There was a family dinner in Geelong for Mum's birthday.

There was a very hot night  market

Delicious organic vegies purchased at said market.

A well deserved post-market beer.

And another market to start preparing for.

Friday we explored some new and familiar haunts.
The best way to beat the heat is with beer......obviously.
We headed to the very surprising and very cool Park Hotel in......Werribee ! 
I know, Werribee ! 
We'll definitely be back. As my G said, "dinner with the inlaws (ie, my family) just got a lot better"! 
Closer to home, The Alehouse Project never dissapoints. 
This time with one of our New Zealand favourites, Parrot Dog, on tap.

And, a hot balmy evening was complete with a walk to the infamous Raccoon Club
for beers, chats and tacos ! Bliss.

Saturday and despite the heat, we ventured into Fitzroy for some retail therapy.......

There's dinner with friends tonight (I can't wait)
and I'm sure this extra long weekend will see itself out with more relaxing with beers out the back.

It's been stressful and busy 'round these parts the last couple of weeks
and so I am thoroughly enjoying the 'go slow' vibe of this weekend.
Time with G, some sleep ins (when it finally cools down a little),
and not thinking about the 'to-do list' and work.

Long weekend, I like you a great deal.

Hope you are having a great weekend,

Joining in with the lovely Lou and Em today


  1. What a beautiful selection of photos! I might have to get up to Werribee soon!

  2. All those icy drinks are making me crave something cold too!
    Thanks for sharing these pics with us via Em!
    Ronnie xo


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