Dear Ruby : Part 8

Dear Ruby,

Hello sweet girl.

Guess what ?

Yep, I'm coming to visit !

Can you believe you are almost one whole year old ???

No, neither can I.

You are a crawling machine now. Very eager to explore your world and EVERYTHING in it !

Soon, you, your mummy, myself and Aunty George are taking a trip together. We're all very excited, but, and here's a life lesson for you Miss Ruby, we mustn't show your daddy, big sis and big bro just how excited we are !

This visit is all about helping your Mum. Spending time with you.

And giving myself a reward.

And just maybe some wine and cheese sampling.

And if we can give your big sis a much needed boost, then it'll be a very good visit indeed.

See you soon Ruby,

Love Dee xxxxx


  1. I love these posts, you little trip sounds a bit exciting..x


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