And exhale..............

Look, I'm the kind of person that when a friend needs a hand.....
I'm there.
If that friend happens to have a fridge stocked  with wine and cheese
AND be the mother of my adorably cute guide child....
I'm there ! 

So, I flew to Sydney last week to hang out with Ruby and her mum.

This visit wasn't as crazy busy as some of our visits together, but we still managed to eat well
and I got a good dose of Ruby love. 

Sunday brunch Cronulla style.

My little laundry assistant. 

Introducing Ruby to the wonders of fabric shopping ! 

Falling in love with a grand old Italian dame.

Some crafting.....

a BIG market
and thankfully a successful market, great to be back in the market season. 

Post Market Dinner Date at a new (to us) Mexican spot in Brunswick.
Los Hermanos - delicious food and mojitos - highly reccomended. 

And back at home and missing this little girl.

It's a busy week again, which is good, but something has to give.
I'm declaring today a pj and mental health day. 

Happy Monday to you,
Dee x


  1. that pillows cuuute as are the babies x

  2. Hope you had a great pj day!

  3. ok now im craving Mexican x


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