Point and Shoot : because creative drive has left the building

The problem with lovely mother-in-laws that visit from England.......
is that they leave.

Even after a two month visit........I'll just let you take that in for a moment! 

Actually. We had an amazing visit and I didn't want Mummy Glass to leave.

Aside from her gigles, expert laundry folding, gin&tonic sipping ways
she must have packed my creative drive in her suitcase.

'Cause it's gone. Along with my good mood and sunny disposition.

So, not so many photos this week.

You know, I thing with these photo link ups
(I'm joining the very charming Lou today)
is that when I put my photos together,
it actually makes me realise that the week was not as bad as I first thought.

It was Valentines Day.
There was a new haircut.
Some much needed down time.
Cute cuddles from my baby cousin.
And hot weather called for outside dining....and yep, you guessed it. Beer.
There was also a big stress that is making me a lil sick with stress and nerves, but more on that later.

I hope you've had a good week.
If you are in Melbourne, the cool change is on it's way !
Dee x


  1. Not a bad week at all by the looks, it's good to be able to reflect and see all the great stuff. I hope that stress is easing and all is ok with you guys. Your time with your MIL looked like loads of fun, it's always horrible to say goodbye..x

  2. I love a cool change but not for too long. It looks as though you've had a lovely week!


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