Grateful....for some time spent in a park

This photo
(or series of photos) 
is just a little bit precious to me.

Meet Georgie and her Mum.
Sitting in a tree in a park in Mount Maunganui in New Zealand.

Look at the sheer delight on their little faces !
Like any mother and daughter, they have had their (ahem) issues, but they are still
and always will be mother and daughter.

It's not so much about the particular park, or even New Zealand for that matter.....
It's about us getting George's mum here and then getting us all on a cruise round New Zealand,
that lead to a sunny summer day in the park.

And some giggles.

I'm not sure when we'll all be together again.
Which makes this photo even more special.

I think I'll have a series of these put up on the fridge
(until my less than sentimental lovely lady demands that they be taken down)
to remember this and many more truly special moments over the last two months.

I'm not ready for Mummy Glass to go home.


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