Six hours in Melbourne : GO !

On our recent cruise we sailed into Melbourne. 

Watching the sunrise over my fair city from our balcony was spectacular.

As much as I love The Great Ocean Road, Daylesford and the Mornington Peninsula,
I was a little bemused that many of our fellow passengers spent most of their time in Melbourne on coaches to these destinations. 

Hey guys, we've got a pretty incredible city, just here at the end of Station Pier. 

Asked what I would do with a day in Melbourne, I came up with a few itineraries.

And in an effort to rid myself of some post-holiday blues, we headed into the city to test out one of these itineraries. 

So, your six hours in Melbourne begins with a tram into the city
and a wander through Melbourne's iconic laneways.

Which of course will require coffee.

Across to Federation Square to the Australian Collection at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

The collection at the Ian Potter Centre is awe inspiring.
From traditional Indigenous art, through colonial history right up to the most talented Australian art of today.
(some of the contemporary work took my breath away)

And then of course you'll be needing lunch. 
To keep things simple, I'll recommending lunch at Fed Square.
Not because the food is amazing, but with only six hours, spend that time with a good Aussie wine
and people watching. 

Now, if you are like us and obsessed  passionate about craft beer,
you'll finish off the afternoon with a well deserved pint or 2 of craft beer at Beer Deluxe.

So there's my first itinerary for six hours in Melbourne. 

What would you do with six hours in Melbourne ?
Or given my love of travelling.....please tell me what do with six hours in your town/city.

Dee x


  1. Your day sound similar to what I'd do, but the afternoon would be out at Brunswick st drinking cider. I do love the city and need to get up again soon!


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