Dear Ruby......part 7

Dear Ruby.

I'm sitting here with my bags almost packed and a coffee that your lovely Aunty George made me.

Today, I'm coming to visit !

It's going to be a scorcher today Ruby. Your Mummy and I just might join you in the pool you got for Christmas.

I can't wait to see your very first tooth.

And see you now sitting up on your own.

You are almost crawling too !

This trip is also about your Mummy. It's her birthday soon.

I plan on cooking dinner. Going out for lunches. Catching up.

Cuddles and giggles with you sweet girl are almost high on my list on priorities.

See you soon sweet girl,

Dee Dee xx


  1. Have a great time, Dee and enjoy your lovely Ruby Girl!

  2. Have a wonderful trip! Hope your got some reprieve from the heat.


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