Christmas - I have a lot to be grateful for

Can you believe it is less than ONE WEEK til Christmas ??

Can you believe it is almost one month since I last blogged ??

That last sentence is probably much easier to believe than the first one ! 

As I get older (and possibly wiser) I have come to truly appreciate just how lucky my family and I at Christmas.......

"Official" Wild/Fogarty Chrismtas photo of 2011....also known as best of a hilarious bunch of photos.....
You see, we actually all like each other.
And genuinely enjoy each others company.

Mum and Aunty Judy take it in turns to host, so there is little traveling
 and for one family -  no traveling at all!

Everybody has their 'dish' or component to bring.
I'm on Ma's Plum Pudding and have been for a few years now.
We begin with seafood platter and bubbles before moving onto the full roast with trimmings.

Presents are distributed - always with a lot of love, thought and a healthy dose of hilarity.
Also a good dose of "you're welcome......what did we get you this year?"
from my Dad and Uncle in response to
"thanks for my lovely present...."

There is always endless amounts of delicious food, wine, bon bons, tales, songs and cricket games......

Partners and close family friends are welcome - although may be called upon for photo taking duty 
(notice G missing above) - and can expect some gently teasing and name calling as their initiation.

It's a stress free, fun, Merry Christmas !

There is time and tradition to remember those that can't be at the table any longer.
Always in our hearts, especially as Ma and Pa did love the family gathered together at Christmas.
And this year, we'll pause with Nikki never far from our thoughts.

The fact that we gather, use their recipes, wine and share our Christmas with their families,
is testament to their memory and the love they created.

These are traditions and sentiments that I look forward to sharing with the next generation.

I'm also looking forward to sharing this year's Christmas with George's Mum !

So, wherever you are and who ever you celebrate your Christmas with,
I hope you have a wonderful day. 

Dee x


  1. That sounds just like out Christmas! Everyone has their addition, mine also the Christmas pudding (grandmas) and the mince pies, we usual do a seafood platter but not this year due to the shear number attending, and then move on to dinner and dessert. So many laughs, so much champagne! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

  2. A beautiful Christmas and a gorgeous happy family! I wish you a wonderful, wonderful Christmas day Dee..x


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