And so that was Christmas......

I'm always a little melancholy this time of year.

The tree is still up but it has lost some of it's sparkle*.

The fridge is empting of Christmas goodies and the 'well it's Christmas' excuses for an extra piece of fudge are on the way out. 

 But what a lovely Christmas we had !

I was good this year, it was at least 7.30 am before I excitedly jumped out of bed.

Santa Suit on, it was even decided to walk the dogs and have breakfast
BEFORE opening presents.
I tell you, I must be growing up !

 Dog walk - thankfully not many people were up - however I think scared and delighted a few small children

The day began as it must with a Champagne cocktail, pancakes, bacon and eggs.

Presents under the tree at Mum and Dad's*.

Santa and her elves were on hand to deliver more presents with the rest of the family.

It was a bit special having both of our Mums on Christmas Day, for the first time ever.

Then we gathered around the beautifully laid table....

With those with us only in spirit, always in our thoughts.

Excellent local wine

A roast pork and turkey with all the trimmings

Plenty to toast and tell tales about.

There was also seafood platter to start with and pudding to end our feast,
but I think I was enjoying them too much to take photos !

There was also the annual cricket match, much laughter and even a jam session.

It was indeed a very, Merry Christmas.

One much like the year before and hopefully much like next year's. 

I hope you had a lovely day celebrating Christmas,

Dee x

*although, I did receive a beautiful new ring for Christmas that is helping with our sparkle factor!
**Santa did exceptionally good shopping this year - mostly at craft markets around Melbourne