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Ahhhh, just blowing the cobwebs off the ole blog here - been a lil absent - sorry ! 

In My Creative Space today, I can finally tell you about a special gift I worked on a little while ago.

Do you know about the lovely Ange and her amazing Give & Take ?

This incredible initiative is designed to spread some Christmas love
most importantly inject much needed funds into the handmade community in Australia and New Zealand.

Think about that....
about 200 women all buying handmade gifts for each other, 
exclusively from small handmade businesses.

And I know for a fact, that it has spurred on other purchases as well.
That is a HUGE amount of sales going directly to creative folks instead of big companies.
All driven by a working mum with a passion for handmade.

Sarah, a generous Give&Taker  decided to put a parcel of goodies together for Ange to show her our appreciation and love.

Now, Ange and her lovely family are from New Zealand, currently (for now) living in Tassie,
so I decided that bunting made from a Vintage New Zealand tea towel was perfect.

Getting those letters just right was a little tricky !

I do love making bunting......

What's happening in your Creative Space ?
Are you giving handmade for Christmas this year ? 

Happy Thursday,

Dee x


  1. Dee, that is a lovely post. I was certainly honoured to be part of this thankyou to Ange. Being in this group has spurred our family into the handmade world, and one of my daughters has started a fb page to encourage others to join in. She aimed it at our family members, but it too is spreading far and wide. There are some members of the group now in England! It is called The Handmade Christmas Challenge. Handmade is so much nicer than mass-produced. I have had so much fun in the G&T group.

    Have a great day


  2. What a delightful post and an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing the story behind your beautiful gift for Ange. It was a great pleasure to be part of this thankyou to Ange, a woman who has been such a champion for handmade for so long. 200 women all buying handmade.... there's a lovely ring to that phrase!

    Happy G&T
    Monique xx

  3. Lovely bunting and lovely initiative--I love how these things snowball!

  4. what a great way to use the old tea towell! i think this is my most favourite bunting ive come across..thanks for the inspiration!! mezz

  5. Oh my goodness..I am in LOVE with this bunting!! It is very cool.


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