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I love Instagram almost as much as I love Christmas! 

Well....maybe not THAT much, but I do love it.

On a daily basis I am inspired by the Photo A Day Challenge from Fat Mum Slim
and this month, I am being inspired by the 'a month of'' Creative Spaces prompts by Kootoyoo
and, as I talked about here,
I am very into KITSCHmas by the fabulous CurlyPops.

And because I don't believe that we can have too much of a good thing.....

I bring you A Month Of Christmas : 

A month, from November 25th to December 25th of Christmas inspired photo taking.
This list is to encourage and inspire your photos.

If you are a Christmas fanatic like me, it might just reign in the hundreds of photos you could take every day.
Or if you're not a fan, it might just make Christmas a little bit more fun.

The list is just a guide,
for instance......Dec 18th is Mistletoe....we don't have Mistletoe here, but I'm imagining  a photo of who I would like to kiss under the mistletoe.
I think my lovely partner may take part, however in an ANTI Christmas way.

Bah humbug to her I say.

It's nearly Christmas !

If you are keen to play along, hashtag your photos with #amonthofchristmas.
I'm wildaboutmelbourne on Instagram.....I'd love to see your Christmas photos. 
 My profile is set as private only because my username attracts a certain level of crazy and 
ahem, ruder minds.

Feel free to request me and I will be sure to follow along.

So, are you in ?

Are you a Christmas fan or a little bit Grinch ??

Happy Thursday,



  1. I do love Christmas. Getting together with family, lot's of delicious food, the sun, the atmosphere. But I'm all about it from December 1st, so I supposed coud get into this photo challenge.

  2. I love christmas but I haven't organised anything yet!


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