Blogtoberfest : the sound of one woman talking

Usually working from home is great, I get all the space I need and then G comes home we converse and then she goes to bed and it's quiet again.

This week it's been an overload of my own voice.

On Saturday I got my talk on with a lovely group of crafty ladies.

Today.....I've grown sick of the sound of my own voice.

The poor lady at the post office merely asked me how I was. She didn't need nor invite a 20 minute dialogue !

I'm having my haircut tomorrow....usually I dread the small talk. Not this time. Bring on the inane chatter.

And of course the rest of the week....once G is home, is filled with solo social outings and appointments.

By next week....I'll be ready for the quiet again.

Til then....if you meet in the've been warned !


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