Blogtoberfest : Snap It Wednesday

One of our very favourite weekend  things to do is Brunch.

Combine it with a dog walk and we are very happy people.

Now a truly good brunch Breakfast requires a few things.

Awesome coffee.

Dog friendly.

Amazing food which generally means  perfect poached eggs.

Funky/cool surrounds....which can mean mismatched vintage cups and saucers, 
but does not mean 'I'm so much cooler than you" waitstaff.


Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market the only thing I am reading about this week....

Did I mention awesome coffee ??

We have a few favourites, but don't mind trying new spots either.

Brunch could just be my favourite 'day off' meal.
Brunch with Ruby is almost too much goodness !

All iPhone appears I don't take my camera with me to brunch.

What does your breakfast look like ?
Do you love brunch as much as I do? 
For more breakfast inspired posts....

Dee x 


  1. Oh me, oh my! What a perfect collection of photos of the perfect breakfast/brunch!
    And yes....awesome coffee is a MUST. everyday!

  2. Yummy, eggs & fruit, mmmm. Lovely weekend brunch ideas here. Love Posie

  3. So envious, our nearest breakfast haunt is a 15 min drive... but I can't complain, my weekend breakfasts are pretty darn good!

  4. Brunch is by far my most enjoyed meal! We had brunch for our wedding and LOVED it! My best breakfast place includes - a menu with heaps of different options (sometimes you might feel like your standar big breakfast, some times pancakes, waffles, rosti etc), good vibe (this can be a tricky one, but you know if there are other people in there it's going to be good, generally) and definitely none of that "I'm way better than you" attitude!

  5. I love brunch
    We don't go as often as we want to though (school sport!!)
    Coffee is the key!!

  6. oh yum look at all that coffee. my mouth waters.
    i'm quilty of only having coffee for breakfast.
    But I love going out for breakfast. Not much of that around here, has to wait for our city trips!

  7. Yum - those coffees look amazing. I miss Australian coffee SO much since we've been back in England. x

  8. Love going out for brekkie!! Doesn't happen much though, great snaps Dee!


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