Blogtoberfest : Remembering

I've been traveling to Bali since I was 16.

I've studied Indonesian language, history, politics and religion.

From my very first visit, the beauty of this island, and especially it's people, captured and enthralled me.

When I finally took G to Bali, she fell in love with this beautiful island too.
Ten years ago, we were traveling in a very different part of the world.

Road trippin' through the deep South of the USA.

It was impossible to get news of the devastation and tragedy that was unfolding in Bali.

This was long before the facebook/twitter/iphone days.

I was relying on emotional emails and weeks old news.

It didn't seem real.

I was reeling from the losses.

Struggling with how ? and why ? 

What it meant for the people of Bali, for Bali itself, 
an island that, rightly or wrongly, relies on tourism to survive and prosper.

Today has been a day to remember and reflect.

 On lives lost and others changed immeasurably.

For countries that realised that terrorism is not a distant threat that happens to others.

To remember that bravery and the good of humans exist.


  1. It's always an emotional day. I haven't been lucky enough to visit Bali, but I remember it was our baby's (big boys) first birthday party, we had all the family and friends with us to celebrate, while anxiously awaiting news of my cousin who was holidaying there. He made it through ok, fortunately. What a devastating time in history..x


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