Blogtoberfest. : over a cup of tea

Well, I think you know me well enough by now to know I had coffee.....but how pretty is this tea cup?

I digress.

I love social media and how I can interact with, share a laugh with and learn from a whole range of beautiful people online.

From the comfort of my sofa. Quite often in my pjs.

When I was really ill, social media meant I was not nearly as isolated as I could have been.

However, it is really lovely to catch up. In person. Over a yummy lunch, cups of tea and coffee and home baked treats.

Today, I spent several hours with two very talented ladies.

Chatting all things craft, business, and fabric choices. And oh so much more.

An easy, delightful way to spend an afternoon.

I came away inspired and rejuvenated that a day at home on my own just wouldn't have achieved.

So, I'm resolving to do it more often. To make the effort.

And get this post published with 9 minutes to spare before I miss another day of Blogtoberfest !

Night night,
Dee x


  1. I love social media more and more! I've never met anyone in person from the online world though, I think it would be a bit scary at first!

  2. I love social media for that reason too, so many lovely, kind and fun people to share your day with. I'd love to meet some of them in person, it almost feels like I already have by knowing so much about them, it'd be great! x


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