Blogtoberfest : My Creative Space

My Creative Space today has been a frustrating one.

Less creating and more displaying.

I'm off to Suitcase Rummage here in Melbourne,
actually right here in Thornbury on Sunday.

I'm filling my cases with wares from myself and super talented crafters from

Setting up a stall just in suitcases is a great idea.....

but it's proving a tad tricky.

So no process photos today.

However, I promise plenty of inaction shots on Sunday.

Hopefully I get some inspiration from the amazing Finders Keepers Market tomorrow night.

I am SO looking forward to it.

Taken at Finders Keepers earlier in the year.....yes beer AND handmade....everything I love.

What have you been creating today ?
Are you heading to Finders Keepers ?
Coming along to see me at Suitacase Rummage ?

Whatever you are up to....have a great weekend,

Dee x


  1. Oh I didn't know Finders Keepers was on this weekend! Enjoy! That market is amazing!

  2. Oh look at all that good stuff! Have a ripping weekend of marketing..x

  3. just in time! might see you at finders keepers tonight! and depending on the state of my head on sunday, maybe at the rummage too!
    fabulous weekend ahead!!


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