Blogtoberfest : Grateful

I don't always write a grateful post.

Great intentions and all, but they don't always result in a post.

 This week, I am grateful for Georgie loving her job, missing her AND secret single behaviour.

A few days ago my Georgie left on a "working" trip to New Zealand.

Quotation marks are because the first two days were spent sampling Auckland's finest brews and food.

She assures me that the flights dictated this.

There is only one flight from Melbourne to Auckland  a week right ???

Loving her job, means that she is good, no brilliant at her job. Being brilliant at her job means she gets selected to represent her company at fancy pants events. 

This means she gets to fly off to New Zealand.

Which means I get to indulge in some 'secret single behaviour'. 

Carrie Bradshaw introduced us to this concept of the sort of behaviour that one can indulge in when our partners are away. 

For me, among other things, this means indulging in cheese platters  for dinner.
Especially blue cheese. Georgie can't STAND the smell.

And rissottos.

And  possibly not making the bed.

While I think this is entirely healthy and good for both of us..........

now, three days later, 

I really miss her.

She can come home now please.

The blue cheese is almost finished and the dog is starting to talk back to me ! 

Travel safe Georgie girl xxx

For more gratefuls head over to lovely Maxabella's.

What are you grateful for today ?

Happy Saturday,

Dee x

*** I wrote a similar post on another blog, so if it sounds familar, I've only copied myself.....I promise !


  1. God, I know how you feel! J goes away often for work, not as much now as he used to. I always LOVE the first night, I get bad food, don't do any dishes watch too many episodes of tv shows he doesn't really like, and get to snuggle the doona around me like a cocoon. Then I wake up the next morning and our bed is cold and empty, the house echoes and he's not here!

  2. Hope that it's not too long before your Georgie Girl returns. xx

  3. Such a sweet post! Hope you're together again soon xx

  4. I never cook for myself when my husbie is away, I just eat two minute noodles and cheese on toast. And I am never sure when to go to bed because there is no one to say goodnight to, so I always stay up far too late.

    I never make the bed anyway.

    I hope your lovely gal is home soon. x


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