Blogtoberfest : Grateful for our lil 'hood.

I know......I missed a day.

This week has been a week of recovery and preparation,

and something had to give.

I actually wrote two blog posts yesterday......but those are for later.

So, moving on. Let's ignore one missed day shall we ?

Today....I'm grateful for finding my place in our neighbourhood.

Pivotal Xpressions at
Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market

I love where we live.

I find it ironic that we had to  move from a smallish coastal town to a big inner city 'burb
to find a sense of community.

It may  have something to do with the fact that I am actually involved here.

Have a place.

We have our local spots.

I'd never leave the house in my 'trackies' because I know I'd be sure to run into someone I know ! 

But I quite like it.

Even today at the mecca of handmade that is Finders Keepers,

we ran into friends and an impromptu early dinner and many beers ensued. 

And for that I am VERY grateful. 

Hope you've had a great Saturday,
Dee x


  1. Oh thank you Dee for featuring my Thornbury card. I have always been very proud of my suburban cards. Glad you found a sense of community, always fulfilling to feel one belongs somewhere.

  2. Glad your Thornbury is wide enough to include nearby crafters too:) And somehow your blog wasn't coming through to my feed, but it's fixed now.


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