BLogtoberfest : Dear Ruby Part 5

Dear Ruby,

Hiya Rubes......

Guess what sweet girl.........?

Tomorrow, I am getting on a plane to come visit you ! 

I know ! I'm excited too.......

Now, the 'reason' for my visit to help celebrate your big sister's 21st birthday....

Your beautiful big sister.

We all know that Jade's birthday party is just an excuse 
for your mum and I to indulge in some party planning.

And  "Champagne" drinking.

taken at  your Naming Day Party....and will be repeated....

I am very much looking forward......

to hearing about your holiday to Thailand,

to seeing your new fascination with your toes,

to feeding you the food you are now devouring,

to seeing how big you have gotten in such a few months

and smothering you in hugs and kisses.

See you tomorrow sweet girl.

Lots of love,

your guide mother,
Dee xxx


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