Blogtoberfest : The beer post

This is a festival about beer yes ????

If so, I can EASILY  blog  every day in October about our (more specifically Georgie's)
growing appreciation of craft beer.

That last sentence proves that ANYTHING with the words 'craft' or 'handmade' are superior 
and sure to grab my attention.

That's probably enough beer for's not even midday. 
On a Tuesday ! 

If you follow me on Instagram* you'll be sure to see more beer photos before the month is out.

Happy second of October,

I'm off to walk in the sunshine and not to the fancy beer garden........I promise.

Dee x

*my profile is private, only because my username tends to attract a few crazies, please feel free to 'request' to follow me and I'll be sure to follow you back. Once I know you are not an alien, robot, porn star, marketing spammer or my brother !


  1. Where was this beer festival? Have fun on that afternoon hike?


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