Spend no money cookies....

 One of the big changes we've implemented this year is to have a rock solid cash budget.

It means that at a beginning of a pay month, 
like a very good 1950's housewife,
I withdraw a cash amount.

 For everything, aside from our bills, that we need money for.

 It works for us.
Works really well.
It's forced me to be so much more mindful of how and where we spend our money.
I'm making much better choices, especially when it comes to what we eat.
More local fresh fruit and veggies.
Less trips to the big evil supermarket.

 Like I said, it's working.
Until there are 5 weekends in that pay month.
This is the 5th weekend.
And the cupboards are looking a little bare.
And that pesky no petrol light has been on for two days now.

I worked yesterday,
G worked today.
Helpful for the budget. Not so helpful for my 'need to do something' mood.

I decided that  staying home and baking would help.
Everything had to be already in the house.
Enter delicious, chewy, choc chip cookies.

I could have baked anything.
Popped out to the shops and bought extra groceries with the credit card or the savings account.
But I didn't. 
I stayed home and baked yummy cookies.
And felt better for it.

if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that the coffee soon got upgraded to wine.
 Happy Sunday,
I hope you had a great weekend and found your 'budget friendly cookie recipe' equivalent.

 Dee x