Snap it....Bright

I've been a bad blogger.
Actually, I haven't been a great housewife or friend either this week.
I'd like to think that I have been an awesome Market Volunteer.

Hopefully I can get back on track this week......

Bright lemons helping us get rid of the nasty cold bug

Bright sunshine for late afternoon outdoor happy hours

Bright blue skies and bright yarn bombing in Daylesford
  It's been a mixed week but Spring makes it's easier to see the BRIGHT doesn't it ?

Hoping your week is full of bright sunshine filled days.

Dee x


  1. I'm craving more bright skies and sunshine
    Love the pom poms

  2. Spring sure does make it easier, I just wish those blue skies could be a bit more consistent! Hope you're feeling heaps better..x

  3. Just gorgeous, we all get to have weeks off being great at everything especially when volunteering & helping out others. Lovely images, love Posie

  4. Such beautiful photos! What a great idea to have a photography theme!

  5. Love the lemons!! I have soooooo many on our tree this year! Maybe I need to (learn how to!) make a big lemon meringue pie to eat while I enjoy our lovely Springtime sunshine!!! x

  6. The lemons certainly appeal as I made the most delicious Donna Hay cake last weekend after my neighbour brought me over some gorgeous lemons from her tree! Actually the glass of vino hits the spot too... hehe :)


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