Snap It Wednesday : Shiny

Oh ! Spring......
My favourite season.

And of over the weekend you showed up in all your shiny, happy glory.
(We won't mention today, ok?)

This week's Snap It  comes from our weekend visit to Daylesford.

The weather was spectacular.
Sunshine SHINING through the trees.
Flowers in bloom.
Happy people.

Much more to come on our quick break to Daylesford coming up.
Hope you are finding the SHINY in your week,
Dee x


  1. Love Daylesford, andbwhatba perfect weekend to visit there!

  2. It's been do beautiful, thank goodness! Looks like your birthday weekend in daylesford was pretty wonderful, too..x

  3. Pretty picture! Love Daylesford....
    So happy Spring has arrived, a bit yukky and windy today, but still so glad Spring is here! Its amazing what a little sunshine will do to the faces of people. Lovely. x


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