Blogtoberfest 2012

How did it get to be October ???

I'm not sure...but the calendar doesn't lie....which means it's time for Blogtoberfest.

Super cute button from the very talented CurlyPops

I believe I attempted and failed to blog every day in October last year.

Here's hoping this year is a much better effort.

The lovely Kat from I Saw You Dancing is hosting this year.

I'm looking forward to finding some clever new bloggers and getting my blogging mojo back.

Maybe, there will even be prizes involved for YOU my lovely readers......

How often do you blog ?
Who's your favourite blogging person ?
Do you set yourself challenges ?

Happy October,
Dee x


  1. I know! October already, that came about quick! I'm looking forward to everyone's regular posts this blogtoberfest, though sadly I'm not going to commit to it myself (party pooper)..have fun!

  2. So excited that you're joining us, Dee! You're such a sweetie to offer a giveaway too.
    Be sure to check out MsCurlyPops' new giveaway page:
    Kat xxx

  3. ha ha i failed last year too!
    we can do it this year!!!
    happy blogtoberfest!


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