35 ? Who ? Me ? Well, lets run away for the weekend then....

We don't do birthdays by halves in our house.
That may change one day, but for now.....
I love that we totally spoil each other and enjoy ourselves.

So, when I turned (gulp) 35 almost two weeks ago,
my lovely Georgie and I headed to Daylesford.

As I shared my birthday with Fathers Day, the weekend started with a family brunch in Geelong.

And then hit the road we did.

Oh it was a beautiful, decadent weekend.

The weather was perfect.

Crisp Spring sun filled days and nights that were warmed with cosy fires....
and glasses of wine.

The cottage we stayed in was gorgeous.

An old house filled with character and every modern appliance necessary.

 And a beautiful big bath that I soaked in while sipping a glass of wine.
I told  you it was decadent !  

You didn't actually think you were going to get to see a photo of me in the bath did you ?
We ate great food
Drank great wine and beer

Is it just me, or do the little packets of jam just scream holiday ?

We walked
and celebrated.
And I loved every minute of it.

 Thank you Georgie Girl,
 I can't wait to turn 35 (again) next year.

Dee x


  1. What an absolutely lovely weekend to share! The breakfast (?) with bacon on fritters and rocket looks absolutely divine! I love that you just spoil each other! So lovely!

  2. Aw what a lovely weekend, happy belated birthday! Daylesford is magical, and yes I agree, those little jam packets do scream holiday!!


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