What blogging likes like to me.....

The lovely (and quite brave) Christine at The Contemporary Handmade Alliance
has asked and then (bravely) shared what blogging looks like.

Now astute readers will notice that a lot, no, actually MOST of my posts
are posted late at night.

I am far more effective in the evening.

So, this is what blogging looks like around here : 

Coffee, wine and occasionally some company.
And my posture is usually much better than the above photo.

What does blogging look like to you ??

Have a great week,

Dee x


  1. I've been pretty slack on the blogging front of late, I think winter is stifling my inspiration! But usually, there's no set time of day. I just get an urge to blog about something and I do, right then and there..have a great week x

  2. My blogging looks pretty similar to yours, sometimes in the library for long sessions of planning and I feel like my head is in a blogging cloud for most of my waking hours!

  3. ooh what a fabulous idea of something to share!
    love your blogging pics, they look super cosy :D

  4. Yep usually mine involve wine and or coffee!

  5. Oh I love it. I try to avoid wine, it just makes me (more) silly.

    I'm putting together a what blogging looks like post now. I should probably take another pic of me right now to give a more accurate picture. I have a small blanky over my shoulders to keep warm. lol


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