Weekend Wonder

I LOVE the weekends,  but this weekend I just wanted to stay in bed.

It had been a big, busy week.
A great week, where I ticked off a rather significant accomplishment.
This happened and was a success.
For someone who would NOT leave the house 5 years ago,
public speaking in front of a crowd was a big deal.

However, it took it's toll and as I said I wanted to stay in bed.

Thankfully, G and I motivated each other.
The sun motivated both of us.

We headed out on one of our favourite walks.
A walk along the Yarra with dogs playing, families picnicking and the sun shining.

And the path leads us straight to the Abbotsford convent and beers and even more sunshine.

The stress of the week gone.
A debrief and high fives all round.
Winter sunshine.
Silly faces.

Love a bit of hand holding of a sunny Saturday !
I'm joining in with  the lovely Claire from Scissors Paper Rock
in her inaugural "Weekend Wonder" post.

I hope you had some 'wonder' in your weekend,
Dee x


  1. sounds like the perfect little adventure.
    and your dog is so amazing! so fluffy i could DIE!

  2. Good on you Dee, getting out of the house. High fives to you :) Sounds more successful than my attempt to get out on Sunday haaaa!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that dandelion photo, and the shadow shot!
    Thanks for linking up. Hopefully see you again next week :)

  3. Rockin' that scarf Dee. Thanks again. I enjoyed reading both posts. Ps. I took my bag out for a spin today, just fabulous!!!


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