Snap it : Wednesday

What  I love about Sarah's Snap It Photo Challenge's 
is that it encourage  me to look  at all my photos and indeed everything around me in a different way.

I saw Straight Lines EVERYWHERE today.

However, it turns out that Straight Lines and one of our new found favourite hobbies coincide.

You see, George has been a fan of craft beer for a while.
Me, well I love ANYTHING with the term craft in it....
and I am  now quite fond of a micro, craft, independently   brewed delicious (not cheap) beer.

Straight lines with circles.
Paddles of beer.
Movement of people getting their beer.
Beautiful straight lines of the majestic Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

Happy Wednesday,
I hope your drink of choice is 'on tap' this week.

Dee x


  1. Oh I love the Exhibition Building! Such a gorgeous place! (not too keen on beer though! but great shots!!)
    I've been looking at my photos in a different way too since Sarah started her 'Snap it' themes!
    Batten down the hatches with this wild weather that Melbourne is dishing out!! x

  2. You had me at beer! Nothing quite like it.

    Melbourne is such a cool city. x

  3. Dee, I just clocked my own blog in your side bar. Thank you!! x

  4. Dee, that sounds like such a lovely evening! I can't wait for the long summer days to come, so that I can sit around in the evenings and have beers and ciders!


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