Monday..? Already....what happened to my weekend ?

So, it's Monday.
I needed a Rest, Recovery and Restore day today.
This is my own branding of Monday.

After a busy weekend, my body needs a rest.

This was a busy weekend.
Make Craft Your Business started up again.
Less nerves this time, but yet again another fantastic group of women all keen to learn and talk craft.
Craft bliss ! 

There was a little socialising and  some exercise in competition form 
(no more details will be given - secret women's business!)

This weekend, I missed my friend.
I missed her laughing her so hard that she snorted.
I missed her knees that cracked when she bent down.
I missed her encouragement.
I missed calming HER  pre-stage  nerves when she was supposed to be calming MINE.
I missed her completely honest, instant, back stage appraisal
(it wasn't always, or even often, flattering.)
I still missed it.
I missed drinking  glasses of sweet bubbles with her.

This one is for you Nik.
I miss you every day.
Hope we did you proud.