I did, I actually finished a sew along challenge....

I know right.....you didn't think that I would finish it either did you ???

Well, I did.
And I even managed to make a bag out my skirt fiasco that was 

I actually finished the bag a few weeks ago.
On a grumpy day that was turned around  with some sewing.

I'm really happy with this little bag.
It's made from super soft brown linen
(which was bought to become a skirt)
and a remnant of  heavy blue cotton.
As I am horrendous at reading and following patterns 
(hence the skirt fiasco)
I adapted this bag from a pattern my lovely cousin gave me for Christmas.
It holds all the necessities and makes a nice change from my bigger bag.

I took my little bag out to dinner earlier this week.

 Remember when Spring made a delightful appearance earlier in the week ???

So, bag all sewn.
I found some sewing mojo......at last.
I just need to find the rest of mojo now.
I think winter hibernation is best for next year, but Spring is close now.....very close.

Have you been sewing ?
Hibernating ?

Pop by the lovely CurlyPops  to see what other lovely 
(far more talented) bloggers have been up to.

Dee x


  1. It's absolutely lovely Deanne, and what perfect timing! Thanks so much for joining in the fun.


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