Dear Ruby.....part 3

Dear Ruby,
Don't look at me like that.....I'm your guide-mother, I know what I am talking about.

Much better.
Now, soon, I am picking you and your beautiful Mum up from the airport ! 
I know ! 

I'm feeling fuzzy with excitement too.

I'm going to give you lots and cuddles and kisses.
I want to see your new smile in person rather than in pictures.
I'm going to give your mum a big hug.
Cos she needs one.
And we're going to eat alot of great food.
I'm not going to let your Mum  think about any chores, the whole time she's here.
Unless it's to make a decision on what to eat....from a menu.
No cooking, cleaning (and if I can help it, no baby holding) for her for 4 whole days.
Cos she needs it.
Ok Ruby ?
Excellent. I knew you'd agree.

See you soon, sweet girl.
Love Dee xxx