A week in paradise

We escaped the cold and headed to Bali for a week.

It felt so good to be warm.


Days of 'no program'. 

No beds to make or meals to cook.

Out of phone range and an almost  completely no internet.


The mini holiday was not just to thaw our winter bones, but also to celebrate G's birthday. 

To eat amazing food at beautiful restaurants.

To drink beer in the middle of rice paddies.

Ride bicycles

Thank goodness this is the only evidence ! It had been a LONG time between bike rides.....

Stayed at a beautiful hotel.

Soaked up ancient architecture

and most importantly spent time together....

It's taken a while to get back into real life.

In a way it seems like a bit of a dream.

But it was real.
And perfect.


  1. Oh wow. Bali sounds like the perfect getaway! The pictures are gorgeous!


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