Thrifted Finds

Welcome to Sunday and Flea Market Finds......

I do love a good op shop rummage.

And with my new venture I can easily justify hours op shopping !
This week, I took a little extra time when running from the bank, grocery shopping, 
and all the other errands I had to, to really explore my local op shops.
I really enjoyed seeking out some different op shops.
I love that musty, dusty smell. And the conversations between volunteers make me smile.
I love the differences between the bigger stores and then tiny little church ran stores.

One thing that remains the same, is the often hilarious pricing.
I guess if something is deemed 'valuable' or 'trendy' then the price goes up.
While some gems are left at truly bargain prices.

My time was well rewarded with lots of beautiful fabric
A beautiful English bowl
2 Johnson plates
Some vintage lace
and even more doilies to add the ever growing collection.

I see bunting and other treasures being made from these.

Happy Sunday.
Hope you have had a great weekend,

Dee x


  1. I love op shops and used to wear exclusively op shop when at uni. I bought pjs once and mum called then dead man jammies, insisting the only reason someone would donate them was if someone died in them!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Trudy.
      Oh those mothers of ours ! Priceless !

  2. Beautiful finds, love the plates. Those conversations between volunteers do make me smile too..

  3. That bowl is beautiful! Op-shop prices seem to be a topic of conversation lately! It's always nice to come home with pretty treasures though x

  4. Beautiful finds!!
    xo sandra


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