Snap It Wednesday

I'm a bit out of sorts this week.
My brain is firing with all sorts of possibilities and  plans, but the body just won't cooperate.
I think, no I know, I am still recovering from a hugely successful market.

Which brings me to today's Snap It is night time.

This week my night time has been early, really early.
I've been in bed by 10pm every night.
I'm the one who is normally up til the early hours of the's freaking the whole household out.

For my snap it, I've picked one of my favourite night time shots from our recent Bali trip.
I love the light coming from our candle lit dinner.

What does your night time look like ?
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  1. Gorgeous shot Dee, loving the colour of this one. A trip to Bali would be lovely right now, my nieces have just returned from two weeks there... and I am drooling over there pics on facebook! xo

  2. sorry *their* pics... my brain isn't working too well at the mo either!

  3. Loving the warmth in this pic
    I'm dreaming of a Bali trip too

  4. Nothing better than candles (and cocktails!!!) I need a holiday.....


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