Snap it : Wednesday

Oh Wednesday's you've become my busiest day of the week.
Which means that sometimes it's a trip to the archives (ie, camera roll on my iPad) when I need inspiration for Sarah's Snap It challenges.

This week inspired by SOFT :

1. Delicious cupcake batter. I don't think it matters how old you are, licking the beaters is always the best part of baking.
2. Soft light in beautiful Bali.
3. Sweet little Ruby hands. I miss them.
4. Furry, cuddly and a big softie - Wogan.

Hope you are having a great week,
Dee x


  1. The archives are wonderful when required. Besides it's always good to look back at your photos, you find some real gems that you may have forgotten about!

  2. Oh Dee, these images best represent a softness! Just lovely. That light in Bali is gorgeous, a little magical!

  3. I've just finished kicking the beaters, I had to beat my four year old to them!


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